Between the Sheets

March 12, 2019 2 min read

I decided to start a blog just to share amazing resources I come across and that I currently use in my own life.  I am a nut about health, wellness and personal growth. I am always in search of learning news ways to show up as a human and woman on this planet. 

Over the past couple months I have been looking for someone who coaches and mentors couples. Not because my marriage of almost 15 years is failing, but because I want a marriage that is thriving! We can all become lazy in our responsibility to take daily actions  to keep our relationships healthy. I sure can.

Running multiple businesses, having a family of 5 rescue dogs, rescuing more dogs, being a grandmother, mother, daughter, wife and business owner, time is limited, or so I use as an excuse.

So after spending hours and hours searching for this "coach" I came across Esther Perel.  WOW! So many questions I have had in my head for years were answered on so many topics,  not just within my relationships!

I invite you to look her up on youtube and watch her talks! She is simply brilliant and amazing. A true expert in the field of relationships between committed couples.


Esther Perel (born 1958) is a Belgian psychotherapist who has explored the tension between the need for security (love, belonging and closeness) and the need for freedom (erotic desire, adventure and distance) in human relationships.

Perel is the host of the podcast Where Should We Begin?, which brings you inside her therapist's office as she sees anonymous couples in search of insight into topics such as infidelity, sexlessness and grief.

In 2016, Perel was named to Oprah Winfrey's Supersoul 100 list of visionaries and influential leaders.